Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Leap

Years of lost dreams
Excuses and reasons
Watching my life pass
Just counting the seasons.

And through all that time
I laughed and I cried
Thinking one part of me
Had already died. 

I gave up on hope
And who I used to be
Wishing new friends had met
The girl who was me.

But just when I thought
All my chances had passed
A fuse was re-lit
Now I'm having a blast!

Convinced to go back 
To the girl I once was
With the person I am
To again hear the applause.

That girl wasn't gone
Maybe just gone to sleep
And I'm not sorry that I 
Was pushed into the leap.

Caren E. Salas

Sometimes you need a nudge, a push or even explosives to encourage the leap of faith that changes everything. Thanks to my friend Jane, whose answer to "I'll just watch," was "No. YOU should audition." and to my husband Bill, who agreed: "You should. Do it." You both must know you've created a monster. Love you.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A New Song to Sing

I have a new song to sing
And a new dream I'm dreaming;
In my heart, rhythms beating
I haven't known in so long;
So long, almost forgotten,
Almost, but not completely.

Feelings deep inside of me
For years, buried underneath
But now the spark's ignited,
And the flame grows everyday.
My "new" dream isn't so new
And the song, a deja vu.

  Caren E. Salas