Monday, August 13, 2018


I swear I knew you long ago
In another life, or a different show
Or maybe it was a dream that I 
Imagined in my sleep one night
Like a song I heard from another room
That I wasn't paying attention to
The faintest light on the darkest path
In a memory I never really had
A word, a touch, a déjà vu
Our hearts had met before...I just knew.

I'm sure I knew you far away
In another world, on a different day
Or maybe it was a book I read
And I made it all up inside my head
Like a story I have yet to write
Lost on the pages of my unhinged mind
A glimmer of thought in an endless sea
A past that was always meant to be.
Faces in the crowd, a voice on the phone
An embrace so warm, it felt like home.

It feels like I've known you all along
We've played the same scenes, and sang all the songs
And maybe our souls just awaited the day
We'd finally meet and put on this play
Like the dreams we all shared when we were just children
That we hoped for, but thought, it's one in a million
With a twinkle of stars, and no wish denied
This journey became a hell of a ride.
One for the love of it, two for the show
Hold on to these memories, and never let go.

Caren E, Salas

This is dedicated to the wonderful cast and crew (and really everyone involved) of Long Beach Playhouse's "My Fair Lady" - Summer of 2018. I love you all.
Photo: Long Beach Playhouse