Thursday, July 2, 2009


My nephew has a Facebook page called "Fans of Logan's Quotes" which is very encouraging. He's only 21 but seems to have some really great insights. Look it up! Meanwhile, here's one:

"Don't be afraid to be afraid, fear drives the soul to do what is not normally possible, to do the impossible, to reach amazing feats. Never was there a mountain so high that it was insurmountable, never was there a distance too great that it couldn't be traveled, and never was there a reason why you couldn't be the greatest thing on this earth. Don't let life prevent you from being amazing, you are special and need to shine like a star, otherwise, you are but a sand crab hidden from the world, only to be stepped on by some careless little kid. Be great. Be amazing. Be wonderful. Be unbelievable."-Logan Robinson

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