Tuesday, November 24, 2009

She Waits...

The rain begins to fall, in drips
The clock up on the wall just ticks away
In fear of what she does not know
She looks out of the window
And she waits.

And as each moment passes by
She wonders when will it arrive?
The call, the news the clouds and rain
She sits in silent torture
And she waits.

The drops of rain turn into showers
The moments passing turn to hours
Raindrops, teardrops, nothing's clear
She tries to hide the fear
And still she waits.

The showers lead to stormy night
Daylight hours, have taken flight
Sleeping waking nightmares call
She tries but eyes won't close at all
She waits.

The rain begins to slow to drips
The clock up on the wall still ticks away
Her bed, the dark, a warm escape
Tomorrow is another day
To wait.

Caren E. Salas

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