Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Don't make me feel beautiful,
I just might get used to it
And then there'd be no living
With me. I might actually
Start believing it myself
Dreaming the thing I can't know.

Don't make me feel beautiful,
Because then I might expect
To feel that way again and
You may not be able to
Deliver, and I will wait,
Hoping for what I can't have.

Don't make me feel beautiful,
Because feeling's addiction
And withdrawels will kill me.
It's temporary madness
Certain to destroy my heart,
Reaching for what I can't be.

Caren E. Salas


  1. i think it would be nice to get used to feeling beautiful..and if the feeling stays even if the other doesn't deliver...then it's just perfect...good poem caren about our addiction to what others make us feel and we allowing them way too much influence esp. when there's not a stable base...

  2. Always what we cannot have, or think we cannot have.. it breaks us, shakes us, turns us awaw from even that which is good...

    nice poem

  3. "temporary madness" is the withdrawal of such feeling and compliment/complement. A bit pessimistic, yet very well written. Clear emotions conveyed. Very nicely done.

  4. Believe in yourself and reach for the skies.
    Look yourself in the mirror, smile at your reflection and say "I am beautiful".

    You are beautiful...don't ever forget it!

  5. Nice thoughtful post... I think it is about managing one's expectations and one's disappointment when you don't receive it. Sometimes, you don't want to expect anything at all so you don't get hurt.

  6. One should certainly not rely on someone else to make one feel beautiful - that should be something one feels oneself to be. Very thought-provoking.

  7. If you can see yourself as beautiful, it doesn't matter if anyone else does or not. We are all beautiful. This prose is so sad because of the longing for someone else to give you what you need to give yourself first and, from your profile picture, you are indeed, beautiful.
    enjoy the rally.

  8. Hi, nice to meet you and explore your blog. I am an eteranal optimist so I think we should always reach for more than we have...dreams do come true! As for the opinion of others, finally I have learned that is not what gives me value. Good poem with lots to think about. Thanks. hugs, pat