Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Question of Life or Death

What if I were dead? I mean,
Like I died and didn't know;
Moving through time unaware
Of my demise and "living"
In a strange purgatory
Of everyday existence.

What if that is all there is?
Oh, I believe the saints go
To heaven to relax by
God's swimming pool and party
With angels, but what happens
To the ordinary schmoes?

What happens to the sinners
Who tried to live a good life
But failed to do all the "right"
Things? Maybe they loved too much
Or too little, missed the light,
Or got lost along the way.

What if I were dead right now?
Would I know the difference?
Is my pain my lot in life,
Or the price I pay in death?
What is heaven? What is hell?
Will I know when I get there?

If there's anyone out there
Who's been there before, let me
Know. What's it like? Tell the truth.
Don't just tell me to believe
Because believing is hope,
But confidence? Sadly not.

Caren E. Salas


  1. That is brilliant, Caren. I doubt there are too many people around who couldn't relate to what you've written here. Well, not if they are honest about it anyway.

    1. Thanks Lyn, I like to think I have faith, but I can't help wondering about things sometimes.

  2. I liked the basic questions this ponders, and no, I have no definite answers for you. I believe God loves and takes care of all of us and will welcome all of His children home, regardless of what they did and didn't do in this life. Love, Mosk

    1. Thanks Mosk, you're always so encouraging!