Friday, April 12, 2013

Postcard Pals - Day 6: "post"

Under the pile of junk mail
Between a stack of bills
I see a splash of color
That always gives me thrills.

Sometimes it's unique artwork
Or a tourist spot to see
A few words scribbled on the back
Of a postcard sent to me.

And I try to add a smile
To every postcard that I send
Because though I've never met you
I feel like you're my friend.

Caren E. Salas

Note: This poem is for Andrea, a writer I met online. She had written an article on her blog about how nice it was to exchange postcards, and how if you really search you can find some really unique ones.  I contacted her about doing that and she agreed! Ever since then, every few weeks I know I can count on getting something in the mail that doesn't require a payment, lol. When I was a kid I loved having a pen-pal, especially from another state or country. Letter writing and sending postcards seem to be going the route of record album, but hey, turn-tables are making a comeback, right? We can't forget how to communicate with words. We're all busy, but writing a short paragraph on the back of a postcard is a great way to reach out, and who doesn't enjoy getting one?

Check out her blog! (I'm even mentioned in this post!)

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