Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Death by Solitaire

It started innocently enough. One
Suit Spider Solitaire downloaded on
My little "Kindle Fire". I was thinking
It would help me pass the time while waiting
For my doctor appointments and other
Otherwise wasted moments in my life.
But Spider Solitaire, like a spider,
Crept into the dark of my sub-conscious
Urging me to play morning, noon and night
And effectively dying to all else.
Its web glistened, tempting me with the hope
Of beating the machine. It could be done!
I won...but then I'd lose, and lose again.
I did it once, I can do it once more!
I'd say to myself as it knit new webs.
Little did I know it was wrapping me
In its threads, but so focused on the game
I didn't notice, and now I'm afraid
It's too late for me. The Spider has sucked
Those last few brain cells I had left inside.
Caren E. Salas

*Game and logo by MobilityWare

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