Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Battle

The sand in the hourglass
Flows like a mighty waterfall.
It flips over and over, until it's spinning
Like a pinwheel in a hurricane.
I watch hopelessly without the strength 
To hold even a few grains of it's sand 
As they slip through my fingers like rain.
I scream. I cry in the night, clinching my fists;
Losing the battle against the relentless passing of time.

The darkness and cold embrace me;
No way to stoke the fire inside
That might save me. Sometimes I barely feel 
The glow of it's embers, as my will 
To struggle increasingly wanes. I'm falling,
Too intensely worn, to continue a battle
That I will not win.
I scream. I cry in the night, clinching my fists.
Losing the battle against impending eternal night.

But...I fight, yes fight I must,
Because the war isn't over just yet
I continue steadfast
And though the time flies, and life fades to black
I still dream. I will dream.
And I scream, and cry in the night, clinching my fists
Maybe losing the battle, but never surrendering to the war.

Caren E. Salas