Thursday, April 9, 2015

AND THEY CALLED IT ZOMBIE LO-O-O-OVE.. (Day 7 - love/anti-love)

The two of us were only recently undead
Still we knew that what we felt, was not just in our heads
We didn't even mind when people screamed at us and fled
Love was a special journey...
We didn't fear to tread; we didn't fear to tread.

He said he hardly noticed the flesh melting off my face
Or my occasional extremities dropping all over the place
And when I lost my left eyeball, he kissed the empty space
Some say it cannot last...
We know that's not the case; we know that's not the case. 

We're going to love each other until the very end
Until we have no legs to stand or elbows we can bend
Whatever time we have on earth, forever I will spend
Every loving moment...
With my zom-boyfriend, With my zom-boyfriend.

Caren E. Salas



  1. This was so damned cute and sweet and sexy and perfect! A+, Zombi-rella!

  2. Thanks Mosk! Somehow I'm not surprised you appreciated this one, haha.