Tuesday, June 14, 2016

PARTY OF THE CENTURY (#15 Pick 4 or more)

It was a lavish affair
Only the brightest and best
Were invited, and there
Was no room for the rest

The blacklist was as long
As the earth is flat
And the size of the throng
Showed the truth in that.

But if you could wrestle,
If you could sing,
Had a big shiny vessel,
Or a small gaudy ring,

A flat piece of paper,
A nice golden tooth,
An ant-eating tapir,
Or an wild untold truth,

Then maybe they'd make
An exception for you
But of course they would take
A donation or two.

For this fancy event
Lasted only one night
Until your money was spent
And the morning was bright.

Caren E. Salas

Prompt: Use 4 or more of the following words: flat, ring, lavish, vessel, tooth, paper, blacklist gaudy.
These poems always come out a little funky, but I just had fun with it, and tried
to use all the words.