Monday, January 31, 2011

A Slow Burn

Just when I'd started to be optimistic,
And let my emotional guard down a bit
Believing in dreams I'd almost forgotten
Believing that I could achieve something more.

That's when life throws me a fast ball, a curve ball,
And next thing I know, it's three strikes: I'm out.
I brush off the dust and head back to the dugout
I'm through for the season, gotta' wait for next year.

It's not like my life is all over, not really.
There's no drama, or trauma or tears to be seen.
No ones hurting me, and there won't be a scar.
It's just a slow burn...
                                      that's killing me.

Just when I started to think I'd be moving
Away from the sidelines and onto the field
My shoelaces trip me; I fall on my knees.
I'm tired of pretending I can fail with grace.

But what can I do but keep trying to make it
Put the show on, and go on, is what I must do
I refuse to give up, gonna' fight for my life
Can't let the slow burn...
                                      keep killing me.

Caren E. Salas

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