Friday, March 4, 2011

Better off Asleep

Well, Robert Lee Brewer has provided some inspiration once again. The prompt this week is "Better off ____" (fill in the blank). When I originally read it I was especially tired and thought "I'm better off back in bed." Then my train of thoughts went on to the land of fairy tales and derailed with Sleeping Beauty. What if, when she awoke, she didn't live happily ever after? Maybe she would have been....

Better Off Asleep

For a hundred years the princess slept
In fantasy and bliss,
Until the day that fate would bring
A prince's true love kiss.

Finally the day arrived
She woke in his embrace,
And leapt into his waiting arms
A smile upon her face.

They rode away together then
To his castle far away,
They swore their love in marriage vows
Forever, that same day.

But as years passed the story changed
The prince grew old and fat,
The princess had a couple of kids
Who turned out to be brats.

She cleaned the castle day and night;
She woke each day with dread,
And often thought amidst it all
"I should have stayed in bed."

The moral of this story friends,
Is look before you leap.
The kiss that woke you just might mean
You're better off asleep.
Caren E. Salas