Friday, March 18, 2011

Train of Thought

Gold earrings
Denim jeans
New mascara
Grab the keys
Grab a burger
Maybe a shake
Shake? Shaking
The earth quakes
Cracks, breaking...

Home-made cookies
Sunny days
Swimming pools
A morning drive
Day at the beach
The rising tide
Keeps rising
Destroying lives...

Beautiful day
No clouds in the sky
Go outside
Kids playing
Toy trucks
Toy trains
Missing train
Missing people
People lost

Clean the house
Wiping counters
Washing, drying
Dishes, dusting
Sweeping, vacume
Making dinner
Cooking, burning
Burning buildings
Explosions raging

Another morning
Cup of coffee
Driving school kids
Years passing
Passing? Failing?
Failing system
Smoking leaking

Waiting watching
Facebook stalking
Family posting
Checking hopeful
News conflicting
What's the truth now?
So many questions
One that matters
Are you still okay?
Can't stop...thinking.

Caren E. Salas

Sometimes you just can't stop your train of thought. My brother and his family are in Japan. Please pray for them and all those who have lost lives and loved ones, and are still struggling to survive.


  1. I hope that your brother and his family are doing well. The devastation in Japan is a great tragedy. I hope the international community will rally around Japan and do what they can for the people. I can't help but think of all the suffering the people of Japan underwent as a result of two atomic bombs and now there is only more to come. We can only hope that there is some good that can come from tragedies like this one and the world will come together to help the people in Japan. Regardless of all the atrocities and hopelessness in the world, the human spirit truly is great. Hopefully, we will bear witness to the greatness.

  2. Lots of prayers this morning, and hoping to hear of your family's safe return.

  3. Thanks, he seems to be weathering the storm, but there's still a ways to go.