Monday, December 5, 2011

Thoughts of Love

Day 24: A "gathering" poem.  When I started thinking about this one I thought about all the thing that could be "gathered" like thoughts, leaves, many random things. It only seemed natural to write a "blitz" poem. It's a fun form of poetry that's really like a train of thoughts. I just hope I remembered all the rules.  :)

Thoughts of Love

Gathering leaves
Gathering thoughts
Thoughts of you
Thoughts of yesterday
Yesterday's hope
Yesterday's dreams
Dreams in the dark
Dreams and visions
Visions of sugarplums
Visions of tomorrow
Tomorrow we start again
Tomorrow we decorate
Decorate for Christmas
Decorate for the holidays
Holidays of old
Holidays with family
Family gatherings
Family makes us crazy
Crazy in the head
Crazy people shopping
Shopping til we're dropping
Shopping for Christmas gifts
Gifts of the Magi
Gifts that are homemade
Homemade chicken soup
Homemade cookies
Cookies with milk
Cookies to share
Share with others
Share your love
Love yourself
Love your neighbors
Neighbors at the door step
Neighbors having parties
Parties for the holidays
Parties to celebrate
Celebrate the day
Celebrate with friends
Friends and family
Friends forever
Forever in our memories
Forever in love

Caren E. Salas

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