Friday, May 4, 2012

After It's Over

After weeks of rehearsal, long days, late
Nights, learning lines, music, dance steps, blocking,
Opening night arrives with lights, applause,
And dreams come true. Yet before we knew it,
We were making our final bows, curtain
Falling; fade to black.  We held each other,
Hoping the moment would last, but knowing
The next day, there'd be a void, an empty 
Space, restless energy with no release...
While we waited for the next audition.

Caren E. Salas 

Robert Lee Brewer's Wednesday Prompt: vacuum: however you want to interpret that.  I thought of a void, black hole kind of thing, and I remembered what it felt like every time a show I was in closed. We all got "post play blues" until the next one came along. This is dedicated to all my crazy theater friends! (Special thanks to my friend Robin Harrison for finding this picture from "A Chorus Line". - I'm second from the end on the right side.)


  1. Love your poem! Thanks for posting!

  2. "Life is on the wire, the rest is just waiting." - Karl Wallenda.

    You've captured that feeling of being in "the flow" perfectly, well done, Care!