Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back in time for a little fun...

No, I don't mean I got back in time, I mean I went back in to speak. My 9 year old's class had "Gold Rush Day" in school. They sang songs from that time period, did some square dancing, learned about the miners' life and even panned for "gold". Granted, I could have gotten more gold out of the bottom of a Goldschlager bottle, but hey, she had fun. California History - gotta' love it.

In the off moments of my school/taxi service I spent a little time trying to figure out where to send the manuscript for my novel. I keep thinking it's ready to send, and then I think of something I want to change or add and sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get it out there. I'm also thinking more seriously about getting an agent. A friend of mine, who is an actor, says he loves having an agent because people tend to take him more seriously. And although you have to give the agent part of the take, I'm thinking it will be worth it in the long run considering all the research I have to do just to find a publisher/editor to even look at my work. It's a thought anyway.

But now, I have to take care of more important issues...4th grade homework, teen drama, how to get my son off of YouTube long enough to get some exercise...

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