Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well...here goes.

The point of this blog is, for the moment, merely a way for me to keep a journal. I just want to document little snippets of my life from time to time. If anyone but me is reading this...you have way too much time on your hands. Really. Way. Seriously, if it wasn't my blog, I'd surely have no time to read it. That said, the benefit of having no real fans is that I can pretty much write whatever the heck I want. Any way that I want. So, don't go trying to correct the grammer or spelling, or leave comments that this blog sucks, because honestly, if you have the time to read it, you obviously have no life. (This does not apply to my fabulous friends or dear relatives of course...okay, maybe some of the relatives.)
So hear goes...my first official post. I feel so special. I'd give you all a big hug and kiss...but I have a really bad cold and trust me...you don't want my cooties.

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