Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 19: Write a poem about someone


There was old Jack Sprat
Who's meat had to be lean,
And the poor farm boy Jack
And his handful of beans.

The quick nimble Jack:
Let no candle wax spill,
But the Jack who fetched water
Tumbled down with his Jill.

There's the Jack of all trades
     Jack of Hearts
          Jack of Spades
Black Jack
          or just "Jacks"
That the little girls played.

There's "QuickerthanyoucansayJackRobinson" Jack.
There's flapJacks with syrup,
Can I have a stack?
But there's one Jack you won't find
In fiction or fad.
He's the best one of all
And I just call him "Dad."

Caren  E. Salas

For my Dad - Happy Birthday Dad!! I love you!!


  1. Fantastic poem! If I were you dad, I would be very proud.

  2. Zack and I love this!