Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Don't Rest, Dance! (Day 6 - Don't ____, _____)

Don't Rest, Dance!

We used to call her dance class
Pain and torture 101.
If you could walk afterwards,
You were not doing it right.
But nothing would ever stop
All of us from signing up.

Every day, she'd smile and lie
"Just one more time," and we'd laugh
Even though we wanted to
Moan, and complain "We're so tired!"
We'd do anything for her
And each day come back for more.

There were no breaks, no stopping
To rest. There was time enough
For that later.  No one asked.
We just wanted to dance, and
She wanted for us to be
The best dancers we could be.

Caren E. Salas

dedicated to Dorothy Laspina Turner, who won't be resting in heaven, but dancing


  1. That is a wonderful tribute. I can't relate to it -in dancing terms-but it brings me very familiar feelings.

  2. A wonderful idea, I can imagine her dancing still.

  3. ha. my wife was a i have seen this...even have a few dance classes onmy college i even lived it...

  4. I love this. It sounds as though the dance teacher was a perfectionist who wanted the very best from her students. With sound method's and good intentions it sounds as though her students relished the discipline and challenge and tried hard to please her.

    Great piece :)

  5. She wanted you to be the best possible you...and you are smart enough to appreciate. Great job!

  6. What a truly amazing woman!