Friday, April 1, 2011

The Thing I Most Love (Day 1 - What got you here?)

When I first read Robert Lee Brewer's prompt this morning, "What got you here?" all that came to mind was that 80s "Talking Heads" song: Once in a Lifetime ("You may ask yourself, did I get here?") but then I started thinking about how I started writing....

The Thing I Most Love

When I was only a little girl
I loved to play and pretend
I took my mom's umbrella once
Convinced I could fly in the wind.

I made up silly songs to sing
And performed them in the dark
Imagining I was a famous star
Doing live concerts in the park.

Then I was at school one day
And my teacher stood up and said
Today's assignment is to write a poem!
My friends all groaned with dread.

I sat at my desk without a sound
Looked out the window and smiled
My #2 pencil twitched in my hand
And my imagination went wild.

Since then I've tried other things
Music, Drama, Ballet,
Paleontology (yes really) and Art
But I always had something to say.

So journals got filled and boxes got full
With sheets of the stuff I would write:
Essays and stories, poems and plays
As I scribbled them all day and night.

Years later it seems kind of funny to me
All my life what I'd never thought of
Was maybe I should be a writer because
Writing's the thing I most love.

Caren E. Salas


  1. I loved that, wonderful thoughts, wonderfully expressed.

  2. Delightful write, and obviously, this thing that you love, you also do well! I enjoyed this very much.

  3. Thanks Carole, and Gloria! Glad you liked it!