Monday, April 4, 2011

Four Reasons (Day 3 - It's a Wonderful Life!)

For today's prompt, Robert Lee Brewer challenged us to imagine a world where we'd never been born. He compared it to one of his favorite classic movies "It's a Wonderful Life" (a favorite of mine also). Right off the bat I knew of the four best reasons that I was born.

Four Reasons

There are these two girls I know.
The older is beautiful and smart
She's always singing and dancing and such,
Likes Marine Biology, and Art.

The other girl is quite different.
She's cute and funny and sweet
Convinced she can save the earth somehow,
Starting now by cleaning the beach.

I know two boys; one has dreams
To start a band, singing the lead.
He composes the music and lyrics and all
And has such a strong will to succeed.

The other is fast and athletic;
Learns instruments quick, and with ease.
His charm sometimes gets him in trouble and yet,
His heart always sets him free.

So when I'm feeling a bit worthless;
When I'm tired of it all or depressed,
I look at these four and know without these
The world would be so much less.

Caren E. Salas

(dedicated to my four beautiful children, my reasons for writing, living and loving.)

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