Monday, November 21, 2011

I Dreamed...

Day 20: Write a "best ever" poem.  I decided not to write in any particular form. In fact, the whole thing is like one long run-on sentence, but it's about a dream, and isn't that what they are like? Believe it or not, some of what's in this poem are from actual dreams I've had...well maybe not the monkeys (in case you were worried about my sanity).

I Dreamed...

I dreamed of you...

And then I flew like I was swimming
And all my friends were there
And the sky was filled with purple clouds
And everyone had ice cream.

Then I started doing jumping jacks
Completely in the nude
But no one really noticed me
They all went on their way.

And the monkeys on the swing-set
Screeched, and clapped their hands
As if to say,
"Yeah, you're okay."

Then I was backstage for a play
But I didn't know my lines
And I had to find a basket ball
For the second scene.

And I started quoting "Juliet"
But they were doing "Mame."
But no one seemed to realize
The blunder I had made.

And the monkeys in the audience
Screeched, and clapped their hands
As if to say,
"You'll be okay"

And I saw you

And then I flew and you were with me,
And we were there
And the clouds were cotton candy
It was the best dream...
      It was the best dream.

Caren E. Salas