Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Once Upon a Sleepless Night...

Day 16: prompt - Start with "Once Upon a ______", fill in the blank and make that your title. Go from there. All righty then...

Once Upon a Sleepless Night

Once upon a sleepless night
I turned on the TV,
But info-mercials were
The only shows that I could see.

I stumbled to the kitchen,
To the fridge to get a bite;
Sadly not much food inside,
So I just turned off the light.

Back in bed, I tossed and turned
And prayed the night might bring
A minute or two of sleep before
My alarm began to ring.

Caren E. Salas

Photo by Caren E. Salas


  1. Have you read 'Love is a Dog from Hell' by Charles Bukowski?

  2. No, but it sounds like one I should look up!