Friday, April 27, 2012


If I were an octopus under the sea,
I'd wrap myself 'round you with my eight long arms.
I'd ink up the water to protect you from harm,
And invite you to live in a garden with me.
I'd flash you bright colors, impress you with smarts;
Together we'd go out for lobster and more!
We'd go to my favorite spots on the sea floor,
And I'd love you, my dear, with all three of my hearts!

Caren E. Salas

Day 26 of April Poem a Day Challenge. Prompt: an animal poem.  Octopi are my favorite sea creatures! As a mom, I envy the eight arms, three hearts, big brain and the ability to get out of tight situations. On top of all that, they are beautiful, and amazingly graceful in movement. In honor of the Octopus, I decided to try a poetry form called a "brace octave".  I hope I did it right. :)


For more information about octopi check out:

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  1. Delightful genius (description of poem and poetess).