Friday, April 6, 2012

Two Crazy People (The Love Song of Enrique and Francisca)

On the way to the fair, he had spotted a girl
She was so beautiful, should he take a chance?
He mustered his courage, took a deep breath,
He stopped her and asked "Would you like to dance?"

She laughed with her friend, walking away.
Hands in his pockets, he quietly sighed;
But he knew in his heart there was something about her
Was he just being crazy, or was it his pride?

At the risk of her thinking that he was a creep,
He followed her all the way home that same night.
He hoped if he just had a moment to talk,
He'd convince her that he could be her "Mr. Right".

He knocked at the door, she answered and smiled.
Stepping out, she pretended that no one was there.
For a brief point in time, his heart leapt with joy,
Til her mother grabbed the girl by the hair.

"What the heck are you doing?" her mother had screamed,
And seeing him there, slammed the door in his face.
His heart fell with sadness as he turned to go,
And dejected, he hung down his head in disgrace.

Day after day he returned to her house,
In hopes he could see his dream girl again.
He had no idea, she was not allowed out.
He just knew that hers was the heart he must win.

A full month had passed until New Year's Eve night,
And his vigilant wait was rewarded at last.
She emerged from her home and he knew right away
That the time he'd spent waiting, was all in the past.

At a big celebration, with everyone there,
To him one thing mattered: just one thing was true.
He must finally dance with her, talk with her, laugh;
And they'd fall in love, by the time night was through.

Not long after, her mother answered the door.
To an uncle and family representing the boy.
"My nephew" his uncle said, smiling but firm,
"Wants to marry your daughter. She brings him such joy."

"Is this what you want?" her mother then asked.
"Yes, mama," was answered without even a breath.
"Then all right," her mother said, sealing the deal,
And in just a few days they were joined until death.

Now, many years later, more than sixty in fact,
Those two crazy people are still crazy in love.
And I'm thinking that they will continue to be,
Even after death takes them to heaven above.

Caren E. Salas

60th Anniversary Celebration

Day 5 of April's PAD. Robert Lee Brewer's prompt: a poem about something "before your time".
I normally don't write such long poems, but this was a story that I really wanted to get right. This is the true story about how my mother and father-in-law met, as told to my daughter only recently. My husband said he hadn't even heard the story before. I took a little poetic licence, and probably left out a few details here and there, but this is pretty much the story. Hope you enjoy it.
A lot of people complain about their in-laws, but I have to say, I'm pretty blessed.  (Aren't they cute?)


  1. Sweet story in your poem, Caren. And they are cute indeed!

  2. This is so sweet! Love at first sight and fighting for the heart and hand of the one you love is an underrated quality in this day & age. What a great story :-)